New Year News and Happenings



Who’s ready for 2014? With this year coming to a close, and next year almost here, it’s time to look ahead to some exciting things at NorthGate. Here is a brief list of things in the pipeline:

6-Week Lifestyle Challenge

Beginning on January 6th, we will launch a nutrition challenge to kick off the year. There will be another blog post soon outlining the challenge in detail, but know that it will involve good food choices, planning macro-nutrient ratios, tracking workouts, tracking sleep and tracking hydration. The goal of this program isn’t to diet and loose weight, rather, to improve our health and performance in and out of the gym!

Physical Therapy

Starting in February, CrossFit NorthGate is excited to partner with a Physical Therapist who will be able to help address athlete’s pre-existing injuries and those nagging tweaks that we all inevitably have to deal with from time to time. This service will build on our already strong commitment to movement and mobility, and help take our athletes to the next level.

CrossFit Endurance

We already have several endurance events that we will be tacking as a team. These include several 5-10k running races, an 8-hour mountain bike relay race, an xterra off-road triathlon, a road triathlon and more! Stay tuned for  a complete calendar and links to the event registration.

To train for these events, we will begin some cycling intervals in the gym and group ride as the winter weather allows. Track workouts will begin in the spring after daylight savings, and we will hosting a swim program as well. Get excited!

CrossFit Competition

The CrossFit Open usually begins early in March and ends in April. It is a five week competition open to any and all CrossFit athletes. Additionally, there are local CrossFit competitions that some of our athletes will tackle throughout the year. If you are interested in competition, or want to take your CrossFit to the next level, we will be adding a competitors class to the schedule soon which will focus on higher level skill work and conditioning specific to competition.



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