New Classes and the CrossFit Open

New Class Offerings:

Due to the demands of our expanding membership, we are expanding our class schedule:

Tuesday @ 6am

Friday @ 4:30pm

Saturday @ 8:30am & 10am

The CrossFit Open:

For anyone who has yet to sign up for the CrossFit Open, get on it! The first workout will be announced one week from Thursday. As much as possible, we would like to complete these workouts as a team. That will require some video-recording of the workouts as well as scoring each other. The classes specifically dedicated to completing these workouts will be held on Friday evenings at 5:30pm and on Sunday mornings at 8:30am. I understand that these times won’t work for everyone, so talk to Ryan or Shannon about an alternate time to get scored on your workout if you can’t make it.


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