Paleo-Lifestyle Fall Challenge

Paleo Diet Progression

Hey everyone! Let’s not repeat the same cycle this year that we so often see during the holidays. It’s easy to let your health and fitness fall to the wayside as you get busy with parties, the eggnog starts flowing and the christmas cookies start to appear everywhere. This year, lets establish some healthy eating habits that will carry you through the temptations that the end of the year inevitably bring, and find ourselves ahead of the curve come January.

This is not just a paleo challenge. Too often I see people embracing a 30-day strict paleo protocol with the wrong intention. If you’re nutrition is terrible, and you are metabolically deranged…then maybe this approach is ok. However, a lot of CrossFitters who just go strict end up WAY too low on carbohydrates or calories. The result may look good short-term (decreased water weight and body mass) but doesn’t do much to support long-term performance gains. I hate to say it, but the best approach to your goals (whether they are weight loss, increase strength, increased work capacity, or all of the above) is through slow and steady gainz.

So the goal here is to educate ourselves. We are going to take some time and find out what the ideal maco-nutrient  ratios are – everyone is a bit different. We are going to carefully look at the foods that we put in our bodies, and make better decisions. We are going to re-learn how many calories different foods contain, and how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat are in a serving. We are going to try to establish some good habits that will last longer than than this 5-week challenge.

How it works:

This will be a 5-week, points-based system designed to help you optimize lifestyle factors including: exercise, nutrition, sleep and hydration. We want everyone to get consistent with their workouts, dial in their nutrition to reduce inflammation and support exercise, and take advantage of the recovery benefits of macro-nutrient timing, more sleep and proper hydration.

During this 5-week period, you will receive daily points for good lifestyle choices, and loose points for sub-optimal lifestyle choices. Lets see who will arrive in December with the most points!

Point System:

Every day,

Add points for:

  • Keeping a food log: +1
  • Weighing and measuring: +1
  • CrossFit Workout: +2
  • Non-CrossFit Workout: +1
  • Focused, 15 minute mob session: +1
  • 8 Hours of sleep: +1
  • Enough hydration: +1
  • Take your vitamins: +1

Subtract points for:

  • Non Paleo foods:
    • Grains/Legumes/Sugar: -2
    • Dairy/alcohol/non-paleo oils: -1

There will be a kickoff meeting after class on Saturday, 10/25 at 11:00am to talk about nutrition. We will be calculating calories, macro-nutrients, sharing paleo recipes (if you have good ones, bring them), and going over the details. Looking forward to working on this challenge with you! See you on Saturday.

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