2015 CrossFit Open Wrap-up

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As the 2015 CrossFit Games Open officially comes to an end, we want to thank everyone who participated and gave it their all. We had 59 members registered, and for many, it was their first CrossFit competition. The Open represents an opportunity to test ourselves, push harder and truly find our limits. We overcome obstacles both physical and mental. Our strong community never wavered in support for each other. From cheering people on for that one last rep, to discussing strategy and planning for the workouts, it was inspiring to witness and be a part of.

We’d like to hear from all of you who put in the blood, sweat and tears! What did you learn about yourself through this process? Did you get a PR or achieve a skill or movement that had been your “goat”? Did it inspire you to want compete in CF competitions, a weightlifting meet, or perhaps an endurance race that you’ve always thought about…or are you ready to just settle back into your training schedule? Regardless, we appreciate your participation and willingness to put yourselves out there and go for it!

One thought on “2015 CrossFit Open Wrap-up

  1. JP

    Cheers everyone who worked so hard on the Open. It was the best of times, in a really painful way. Love the feeling of everyone working towards the same objection, survival.
    It would be nice to to know the final scores of the top ranking athletes in the gym. Where they all fell in the leader board.

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