For the Endurance Junkies



We had a few athletes out crushing some miles last weekend. A big congrats to Heather Anderson and Buff Tim (Riccard) who ran the Annadel Half Marathon. Both of these athletes posted very respectable times, and Heather jumped into the race without any supplemental run training outside of what she sees here at the gym. Impressive. Maria Clementi went even bigger and took on the Sonoma 50! She posted a time of 9 hours and 55 minutes on what is a brutal 50 mile off road course with a lot of elevation.

So do you want to get a little more endurance in your life? There are a few races coming up that we jump into every year. The Human Race 10k is coming up in May, there will be an in-house, off road, team-triathlon coming up in June, the Kenwood 10k is on July 4th and there is a Spartan race on July 18th. You can find links to these races on the events page on the NorthGate website. So grab some of your fellow athletes and get out for a run!

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