Member Moment: Andy

Andy Prosser is one of our youngest Northgate members who, at 20 years old, has made dramatic personal changes since he started exercising with his neighbor (our coach) Mindy and her husband Alex in their “Crossfit Garage”. Andy joined the gym when Mindy began coaching and has been going 5x a week for the past year. He has seen considerable progress – from out of shape and finishing dead last in WODs, to a strong athlete able to RX all but the heaviest workouts.  He has mastered difficult skills like pull-ups and muscle-ups, seen his benchmark times drop, and worked on his diet. He has stuck with CrossFit because of the support and camaraderie, and is addicted to the personal progress he’s tracked on the inside and the outside. Check out his pictures taken a year apart!



Name three big changes you’ve seen in yourself since you started at Northgate.

     Over the past year I’ve improved my confidence, discipline, and the ability to push my own limits. Losing weight and becoming more fit was the best thing for my confidence. Going to the gym consistently has made me more disciplined in all aspects of my life, including my eating habits and the effort I put into school.

What makes CrossFit rewarding for you?

        CrossFit is simply addictive. The satisfaction you feel from completing a hard workout or from seeing yourself improve over the months is unmatched by anything else.

Which skill were you able to master right away and which one have you struggled with? Double-unders, rope climbs, handstand pushups, muscle-ups, Olympic lifts…etc.

        The exercise that I’ve mastered the most is double-unders. The most I’ve done consecutively is 133. The skill I struggled with for the longest time was a strict pull-up. I had never done a strict pull-up before in my entire life, and one of my happiest gym moments was when I got my first strict pull-up last July. I was just as happy when I got my first bar muscle-up in August, and my first ring muscle-up in October. I still struggle with the Olympic lifts. Just an overall lack of flexibility and shoulder mobility has made them difficult for me, but I’m always trying to improve.

If you could attend one CrossFit gym anywhere in the world, where would you visit?

I would attend a CrossFit gym in Japan. I’m a quarter Japanese, and I haven’t been there since I was 3 years old. I would visit relatives, and my friend Jake (Bill’s son) who moved there a about a year and a half ago. I’d love to be able to catch up and do a CrossFit workout with him again.

What is your primary fitness-related goal? Is it to build muscle? Learn skills? Improve endurance? Something else? All of the above?

     I would have to say all of the above. I’m always looking to get bigger, faster, stronger, and become a better athlete overall.

How has your diet changed?

        My diet is by far the biggest change in my life. When I started dieting in the beginning of June, I had no idea what I was doing. Almost every day I would ask Ryan, or Mindy, or my mom (a nutritionist at Kaiser) about what and how much I should be eating. I cut out all junk food and got a calorie-tracker app on my phone. I started dieting at 1700 calorie per day limit, and over the months slowly increased back up to normal amounts. By November I had lost 25 pounds! Even though I’ve stopped trying to lose weight, I still use the calorie tracker app to make sure I eat sufficient amounts of food to build muscle and I also eat much healthier overall compared to a year ago.

If you could be a professional athlete of any sport, which one would it be?

        Probably basketball. I don’t play any sports but I started watching the Warriors back in November after my friend told me they’ve been doing well.

Way to go Andy! And good luck to him as he pursues his goal of transferring into the UC system to study engineering!


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