NorthGate Throwdown & Potluck Party on August 1st


On Saturday, August 1st we are having an in-house throwdown & potluck party. Come test yourself against your fellow CFNG members! The workouts won’t feel too much different than a typical WOD, so don’t be shy, it will be fun!

There will be three events. You are welcome to sign up for any of them, or all three. We will be getting started at 8:30 and running the workouts back to back. Get here early and warm-up.

After the WODs, there will be a pot-luck. Hang out, do some grilling, bring some food and beverage to share.

There will be two sign-ups. On the whiteboard, you will find a place to sign up for the WODs, and in the locker room you will find a sign-up sheet for the potluck. We look forward to having you all here. It’s always great to come together as one big community!

4-person team event – the first WOD will be a team workout. Each team will consist of two “Rx” athletes and two “scaled” athletes. If you can complete most “named WODs” as prescribed, you are an “Rx” athlete for this event. All other athletes will be fine doing the scaled option. Teams can be any combination of gender, as long as there are two Rx athletes, and two scaled athletes – start forming your teams now! If you’re not sure where you fall, ask the coach.

Max Effort Lift – this event will be short and sweet. It will be easy to scale, so regardless of your experience/skill level, you will be able to participate.

Rx throwdown – and for all you fire-breathers out there, we will finish with a workout that is a little bit heavier and more technical.

Water Balloon toss – in perhaps the most competitive event of the day, teams of two will test their long-range throwing and catching ability, one step at a time.

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