Saturday – 8/1/15

CFNG Throwdown!!!

1. Team WOD: teams have been established with 2 Rx athletes and 2 scaled athletes. Rx athletes will share work, completing reps of clean & jerks (135/95) and pull-ups, scaled athletes will complete deadlifts (135/95) and burpees. The rep scheme will be 40-30-20-10. Only one pair will work at a time, the other pair will run 200m between rounds.

2. Max effort front squat. In 1:30, an athlete will complete as many reps as possible at a weight of their choosing. The goal is to move as much weight as possible. The score will be total reps x the weight on the bar. So if an athlete moves 100lbs 20 times, their score will be 2000lbs. If an athlete moves 75lbs 40 times, their score will be 3000lbs.

3. Rx Throwdown. 3 rounds: 5 muscle-ups (bar or rings), 7 HSPU, 9 Deadlifts (275/165).

4. Tug of War: your team didn’t finish where you wanted them to in the WOD? settle the score with a tug of war battle.

5. Water baloon toss: teams of two will establish a max distance throw & catch.

6. BBQ/Potluck: congrats on making it this far. Now party. Bring enough to share!

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