Powerlift Total/Holiday Party.


This Saturday, 12/5, we will be hosting our annual in-house powerlifting competition followed by a pot-luck holiday party. The workout starts at 10am sharp, so arrive early and get warm!

The sport of powerlifting consists of the back squat, the bench press and the deadlift. In a powerlifting competition (and in our total on Saturday), athletes will have three attempts on “the platform”, per lift, to achieve a 1 rep max. Their score for the total is the combined weight from their heaviest squat, press and deadlift.

Tuesday, we will work up to our opening weights for all three lifts to prepare. If you’re an experienced lifter, and PRs only come after long, hard lifting cycles, your opening lift should be no more than 93% of your 1RM. If you’re a newer athlete, and you PR every time you walk in the gym, your opening lift should be done at 95-98%of your last 1rm. Tuesday will give you the chance to plan and practice your warm-ups sets to prepare for the event on Saturday. We will help you develop a strategy.

Your 2nd and 3rd attempts should feel like a stepping stone from your opener to your PR attempt. They should be approximately 5% jumps. So for instance, if you have a 200lbs 1RM, your three attempts might look like this: 185 (92.5%), 195 (97.5%), 205 (102.5% for a PR). If your 1RM is 300lbs, your jumps will be around 15lbs, if your 1RM is 400lbs, your jumps will be 20lbs, and so on.

Get fired up, even if this feels a bit daunting or intimidating, you will do great. We are looking forward to seeing everyone here!

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