Thursday – 6/23/16

*Attention: the exterior painting of our building will begin today at about 7am. This will render half of the parking lot unavailable during the am classes. Please do not use the spots along the building. Plan on parking on the street, there are always spots on Mendocino Ave, or use the 7th St. Garage. Thank you.


1. Make up M/T/W.

2. Open gym.

3. Endurance:

a. establish a max wattage on the Assault Bike, then: EMOM for as long as possible, match that wattage. Score is number of times max wattage can be found EMOM.

b. 10-20-30-40-50…double unders. Sets are to be unbroken before the next set is attempted. Rest 1 minute between sets. Find the highest number of unbroken sets possible, then head back down the sets in reverse order.

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