Handstand Clinic at CrossFit NorthGate

Northgate 2770
Where: CrossFit NorthGate
When: Saturday 8/13 at 11:15am
Cost: $15 for CFNG members, $25 for non-members (the clinic will be capped at 15 participants).
Description: This clinic will be led by Nolan Watt. Nolan Is a full-time gymnastics coach at Redwood Empire Gymnastics, and a coach at CrossFit NorthGate. This course is designed for athlete’s of all ability levels, from beginner to advanced. If you have yet to get completely inverted, or are working to improve walking technique, you will learn proper skills and strategies to progress to the next level. Nolan will cover specific mobility, strength and body positioning drills which will give you the tools to developing great handstands safely.
Register: CFNG members can find a sign-up sheet on the white board. Non-members please call 707-595-4636 or email info@crossfitnorthgate.com to reserve your spot.

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