Happy Third Anniversary and the Group Training Model


This post is a little late, but it’s important. As Labor Day came and went, CrossFit NorthGate quietly celebrated our three year anniversary. The most profound, and significant part of this milestone is the way our community has grown and galvanized during this time. If you are relatively new to CrossFit, or for those people who are considering starting, often one of the most surprising and engaging things about this type of training is the power that the group provides. As those who have been training with us for years can attest, some of their closest and strongest friendships have emerged from training here.

For me, this is incredibly important to recognize. We are constantly examining our training methods, our schedule, and the way we conduct classes to provide the best service possible. As such, we spend time examining trends in the fitness industry, visiting other gyms whenever possible, and talking to other gym owners about their best practices and sharing what is working well and what struggles we face. A trend that has emerged in some corners of the CrossFit community is a move away from group classes. While some of the arguments for this trend are sound (more custom programming, a less competitive environment), the largest detriment to this philosophy is the lack of community development. We have a philosophy that starts new athletes one on one with one of our trainers, but with the intention of integrating them into our community when they are ready (unless they prefer personal training).

There are so many good things about the training model that CrossFit NorthGate provides: a progressive approach to strength, intelligently balanced daily and weekly workouts, an emphasis on mechanics and technique, access to highly accomplished and experienced coaches…but aside from all those things, the accountability, support and encouragement and motivation that comes from the community cannot be underestimated or understated. It is very powerful stuff.

So to anyone who thinks that the group training model doesn’t work, I would like to acknowledge the 82 members that have been here since our first year. So as we celebrate our third anniversary, you can celebrate with us! So thank you to:

Ivan, Bill, Stock, Tim, Anna, Gerrit, Chad, Kai, Tara, Pat, Kristie, Mowbs, Jill, Les, Janet, Heather, Lacey, JP, Amanda W., Tina, Denise, Carlos O., Rod, Adair, Rich, Ben, Matt, Adriana, Denise F., Janie, Suzanne, Laura, Jeff, TC, Megan P., Michael P., Jenny, Deb, Dave, Juanita, Doug, KTE, SK, Catalina, Allisha, GLS, Jarka, Sharon, Katie C., Reza, Rachel, Amin, Neda, Adrian, Lily, Mike M., Danielle, Naomi, Elijah, Nina, Pilar, Lightfoot, Brittany, Iris, Hammartime, Jana, Stephen, Jeanie, Chad, Cherylin, Colin, Kalela, Bruce, Paul, JC, Lacey, April, Brandon, Lindsey, and lets not forget Mindy, Micah, Nolan and Teri!

You guys are the pillars of our community and we are extremely honored to have you here. For those of you who were late to the party, we love you too, and grateful for your commitment to fitness and contribution to every class you attend! Sharing your journey as you pursue higher levels of fitness, whether as a first time athlete or someone who has always pursued fitness, is what this place is all about. Here’s to another great year of building stronger bodies and minds and expanding your community!



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  1. jp

    Well said, Ryan! What a wonderful place to come together in the pursuit of health, training, and friendship. You and Shannan have much to be proud of.

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