Memorial Day “Murph”

As is tradition in the greater CrossFit community, we will again tackle “Murph” this Memorial Day.


1 mile run,

100 pull-ups,

200 pull-ups,

300 squats,

1 mile run.

If you have a vest or body armor, wear it. Partition reps as needed.

There will be one workout at 8:30am on Monday, 5/29.

For those who have done this before, it’s a grueling workout honoring one of our fallen heros. Those connected to this cause understand that the suffering that we endure during our hardest workout is insignificant compared to the price that so many soldiers and families have paid. This Memorial Day, if you choose to undertake this challenge, please consider holding this “workout” in context. It should be much more than just a test of your physical fitness; it is an opportunity to come together in your community for something greater. Don’t miss the chance to encourage and support each other and be grateful for the ability to handle such a challenge. If you’re planning on attending this workout but it seems too big or intimidating, find a friend and work together to get through the workout.

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