2018 CrossFit Games Open!

The 2018 CrossFit Open is around the corner – just a few weeks until we start! What is the CrossFit Open you may wonder? Every spring, the world is invited to participate in an “open” fitness competition. In this five week competition, there will be one workout announced each week that is to be completed in an affiliate (judged by a CF coach/judge) or at home (filmed to be judged remotely). After the workout is scored, athletes will submit their results online where they will be ranked by category and region. The top ranked individuals and teams will then move on to compete in a regional competition, and from there, it’s on to the CrossFit Games.

We hope everyone at CrossFit NorthGate will rally their inner contender for what lies ahead! The CrossFit Open is a fun and challenging opportunity for all skill levels to test themselves for the first time, or for returning participants to compare their accomplishments against last years’ standing. For a few, it’s a shot at moving on to the regional and for the best of the best, a chance to go all the way.

So who’s in? The CrossFit Open runs from February 22rd to March 26th. You can register online. Choose CrossFit North Gate (north gate will be two words) as your affiliate, and CrossFit NorthGate as your team. If you are competing, here are some things you’ll need to know:

  • This year, our format for running the competition will be the same as last year. We will be scoring the workout on Friday afternoon/evening from 3:00 – 6:30.
  • There will be a heat schedule posted on the while board. You must sign up for and commit to your heat time before Thursday night to make sure we have enough people to score the workouts.
  • Remember, you are signing up for a competition and agree to the terms set forth by CrossFit. As such, it is your responsibility to fully understand the workout and the movement standards that you will be expected to complete. When you show up on Fridays, it will not feel like you’re showing up for class, it will feel like you’re showing up for a competition…because you are! Before your workout, you should have read the rules for that workout and watched the demo video explaining the flow of the workout and the standards.

If you need help understanding the workout, want to get coached through some of the movements and develop a strategy, be here on Thursday night. You can watch the live announcement and then we can practice. We will not have the time or ability to coach everyone on Fridays, so take advantage of that open gym.

If you are unable to join us on Friday evenings for the workouts, you are welcome to complete the workouts during the open gym times on Thursday night or Sunday morning. You must use a CFNG assigned judge if you want your score to be validated by the affiliate – and that judge should NOT be the coach on duty. Your other option is to film the workout and upload your video for scoring.

Get ready for a great 2018 Open! We have a super strong core of athletes. Whether you’re competing for the first time, or qualify yourself for regionals, when you show up to give 100%, you are contributing to our strong and supportive community, and will get back everything that you put into this experience!

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