FullSizeRender (3)Ryan Parker

Ryan grew up just outside of Philadelphia and has been involved in athletics from an early age. Even though he played Lacrosse into college, team sports never resonated with him as much as solo pursuits. By age 15, he had competed in his first mountain bike race and was hooked on cycling. That passion for cycling eventually led him to Boulder, Colorado where he was able to test himself against some of the best cyclists in the country. It was during his time in Colorado that he also began racing triathlons, and went on to compete in every distance including ironman.

Ryan walked into a CrossFit gym in 2008 and never looked back. He loves the ability to maintain such a high level of fitness while improving strength – a foreign concept for a die-hard endurance athlete! Now, Ryan likes to enjoy the broad range of fitness CrossFit provides. Every year he tries to competed in multiple CrossFit competitions, a Weightlifting meet, foot races and a few bicycle races.

Ryan holds a BA in Psychology from Penn State University, is a CrossFit Level-2 trainer and a USA Weightlifing Sports Performance Coach. He is also a CrossFit Endurance trainer, CF Powerlifting trainer, CF Mobility and Movment trainer, and CF gymnastics trainer. He has worked in the fitness industry and held numerous personal training certifications over the past 15 years.

Whether prepping athletes for CrossFit competition, coaching professional and aspiring triathletes and cyclists, or working with someone who is trying to lose a lot of weight and exercising for the first time, Ryan has always valued the opportunity to work as an advocate for people’s health. These days, he is very passionate about CrossFit and sees it as revolutionary, not just because it’s the best strength and conditioning program out there, but because of the community it creates (as evidenced by the rapid, organic growth of the organization). He loves introducing new people to this training methodology, and believes that CrossFit has the power to drastically improve a person’s life.


DSC_0994Shannon Tracey

Shannon is a native Sonoma County resident. She attended Piner High School and graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Economics. Shannon has been active in Sonoma County Real Estate for over 18 years and has been with Cypress Financial for 17 years as a mortgage consultant.

While recovering from a shoulder injury about four years ago, Shannon learned about CrossFit from a good friend.  She began group classes and was hooked from the start!  She was inspired by the challenge of the workouts, the results and the community that it forged.  Shannon is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastic Trainer, Crossfit Powerlifting Trainer and a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. She has a newfound love for coaching and is inspired daily by the hard work and dedication of the NorthGate community.

Shannon is very active in community affairs. She is a past member of the Active 20/30 Club of the Redwood Empire as well as a Past President of the Redwood Empire Mortgage Lenders Association. She is an avid supporter of the Sonoma Humane Society where she is on the Board of Directors. When she is not helping people with their home loans, Shannon can be found mountain bike riding, backpacking, hiking with her dogs and in CrossFit and Powerlifting competitions.  In 2014, Shannon competed alongside her NorthGate Teammates at the CrossFit NorCal Regional. She aspires to continuously improve while helping others do the same (and have fun in the process!).



Micah Kradin

Micah is a California native who has lived all over the state as well as Rhode Island, Washington, and Hawaii. He has always loved sports, athletics and all things physical. Graduating from UC Davis, he holds a BS in psychology and biology. While pursuing a master’s degree, Micah explored the research and clinical sides of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. However,  he realized that it was the connection between mind and body and helping others explore this connection that was his passion, rather than the research and grant writing process within academia.

Micah has been using mixed modal and high intensity interval training for many years to supplement his own athletic endeavors in Hawaiian long distance outrigger canoe paddling, swimming, sprint distance triathlons, yoga, water polo, and weightlifting. Soon after discovering CrossFit and the middle ground or “holy grail” that this type of training encompasses, he fell in love and abandoned training strictly on the polar ends of the performance spectrum (either endurance or short high power output). Since making that switch, he has seen huge personal gains in all components of fitness and has witnessed life changing transformations in others. He greatly enjoys the community that CrossFit cultivates and the mutually supportive training environment that it naturally builds, especially at CrossFit NorthGate.

Micah is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has an extensive background in gymnastics and a variety of other sports. He loves to teach and help others pursue their goals. He also loves exploring the relationship between physical ability, human potential, and nutrition; and the interplay of those elements of fitness with the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of performance. He strongly advocates the CrossFit paradigm and believes that this type of training is perfect for all types of individuals and groups, especially with the scalability of the program and the healthy lifestyle it promotes.




FullSizeRenderNolan Watt
Nolan grew up in Santa Cruz California, has also lived in Seattle and Boston. H has always been involved in sports and started gymnastics at the age of nine. He competed in the sport through high school. Although he decided not to pursue gymnastics at the collegiate level, he continued his training and included other modes of exercises as well including rock climbing, yoga, softball, biking and running.
Nolan began coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics in San Francisco seven years ago and has also coached at several gyms in Boston and Seattle. He currently coaches the boys competitive team at Redwood Empire Gymnastics in Petaluma.
In the Spring of 2012, Nolan  heard about CrossFit from a few friends and decided to give it a try. Of course, he was immediately hooked and quickly became inspired by the high level of fitness, athleticism and most importantly, the community that CrossFit creates.

Outside of athletics,  music has also been a big part of his life from an early age. Nolan actually studied music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston graduating with a double major in film scoring and electronic production. After college, Nolan decided to continue his career in coaching because of how much he enjoyed working with people and seeing them overcome challenges.



Teri Hardeman

Teri grew up in Nashville TN, moving to Sonoma County just before high school. Since a young age, she has been athletic, pursuing water skiing, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Teri graduated from Rincon Valley Christian school in Santa Rosa, where she received a full ride offer to play basketball with a D1 college in North Carolina.  She transferred to Azusa Pacific University to be closer to home, finishing her basketball career, graduating with a BA in Marketing,  and also meeting her husband.

After her senior year of college basketball, Teri took up long distance running but realized it wasn’t filling the void of competition and strength training for her. In October 2012 she found CrossFit and never looked back! She remembers her first CrossFit class by how encouraging the coaches were, how competitive it was, and how the family-like atmosphere was contagious.

In 2014 she competed on Team RXD in the Southern California Regional competition. She loves testing her fitness against other people, and has participated in many CrossFit competitions.
In late 2014 she and her husband made the move to Santa Rosa where she took a position as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Hobbs’ Smoked Meats. Teri also assists her dad coaching the Rincon Valley Christian High School Girls Basketball team. Summer 2015, Teri received her Crossfit level 1 certification and joined the CrossFit NorthGate coaching staff!

“The best part about CrossFit is there is always something to learn and always something to improve, no matter how long you have been doing it.  I look forward to helping others be inspired to improve their strength and do things they never thought possible.”