Getting Started

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A few months from now, you will be blown away by what you’re able to accomplish, in and out of the gym. The program that you are about to begin is highly effective; however, it’s not easy. You will be challenged by the high level exercises you will see here. Because of this, it’s critically important that you properly learn how to do these exercises correctly, safely and efficiently.

CrossFit Fundamentals

Before cutting you loose into the group classes, we start everyone with our CrossFit Fundamentals course (with the exception of experienced CrossFit athletes). Here, you will gain the basic proficiency in our fundamental movements necessary to confidently and safely move into our group classes. This instruction is offered in a customized and private session format to ensure that you receive the attention needed to later thrive in our group classes. Most new athletes will feel most confident with 3-10 personal training sessions, but you are welcome to work one on one with a coach until you are comfortable with the movements regularly utilized in our program.

The CrossFit Fundamentals curriculum follows a similar format to our group classes. We will begin with a warm-up, spend a lot of time learning new movements, do some conditioning, cool-down and stretch. First time and accomplished athletes can look forward to learning a lot in this instruction-based, yet fun and interactive program.

If you’re ready to get started or have questions, please send us a message!

The best way to contact us is by phone: (707)595-4636. If we are unable to answer, we will return your call promptly!

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