“I just finished 6-7 week 5×5 cycle with some 1 on 1 training and programming at my gym in SoCal, and I’ve seen some amazing results. With a lot of eating and lifting just three days per week, I’ve gained 10-14 pounds and put 30+ pounds on my squat, bench, etc. I had no idea about this stuff until I came to your gym. Thanks!”

I was hooked by the relatively rapid measurable progress; after each workout, I tracked the weights I used for the lifts and would consistently see numbers increase.  I found that quantifiable progress so empowering and encouraging! Holly M.

I used to be a marathon runner so endurance is my strong point.  Since starting Crossfit, my strength has improved exponentially which is exciting! Heather G.

My journey through CrossFit has been both physical and mental. It wasn’t until I learned to “connect the dots” that I truely developed as an athlete Robert P.

Great place and great community of people! Coach Ryan is amazing and he has really helped me achieve fitness goals I never thought were possible! I am so happy to be apart of this awesome Crossfit family! Anna K.

The Example of what a Crossfit box can be. Outstanding coaches/ownership. Very efficient layout and architecturally unlike any box I’ve ever seen – Scott H

What an amazing facility, staff and service model. 

I’ve been around CrossFit for about 5 or 6 years before joining this affiliate. I checked it out primarily on a whim and expected what I’ve come to know of CrossFit through the website, the CrossFit Journal and from working out: no excuses, embrace the suck, 3-2-1, go no matter what, that can permeate and even define CrossFit culture.

But instead I found a very clean, well equipped gym, knowledgable trainers, and personable attentive coaching not only tailored to individual skill, capabilities and goals, but also based in the fundamentals of ‘less is more’. Not, ‘go twice as hard all the time’ but instead, ‘seek incremental healthy gains over long periods of time’. 

After class, a significant period of time is spent in instructor led mobilizations; stretches and moves (with rollers, lacrosse balls, etc) that work out the knots and kinks inflicted by all who perform skill and weight movements. 

While athletes bound for competitions are supported and trained, this is not the emphasis of the outfit; there is no pressure to train harder and harder and harder all the time. It’s a very inclusive atmosphere with members from high school age to my age (53) and beyond.  The owners, Ryan and Shannon could not be more interested in creating and supporting a welcoming vibe and they carry it off flawlessly.

You’ve heard about CrossFit and you’ve probably heard different opinions on whether or not it’s safe, whether you might injure yourself being encouraged to exceed your skill or endurance level – these are common criticisms sometimes unfairly leveled at CrossFit as a whole. Well, without setting out to do so directly, the service model here eliminates all criticism in supporting a healthy slow ramp into a fitness program that ANYONE can do.

And the members are supercool and friendly too. 

Cannot say enough good things about this facility. – Michael H.

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