CrossFit NorthGate

At CrossFit NorthGate, our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself. Learn what it will take to transform yourself into a fit, healthy and capable human being. Our talented and experienced team will safely guide you from wherever you are now, to most fit you’ve ever been. This process demands patience, commitment, dedication, persistence and courage – you will not only become physically stronger, but also emotionally stronger. You will forge a new relationship with yourself that prepares you for your life. Come see what makes CrossFit NorthGate so unique and effective.



Dynamic Crossfit Classes

Our one hour group classes include a dynamic warm-up, skill and technique work, and a workout consisting of any combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular conditioning, finishing with stretching and mobility drills.

Personal Training

Our coaches will develop a custom program focusing on your unique needs and goals, strengths and limitations.

Nutrition Coaching

We guide you through a comprehensive, habit based nutrition program designed to rebuild your relationship with food and help you maximize your health and realize all of your goals.

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The Example of what a Crossfit box can be. Outstanding coaches/ownership. Very efficient layout and architecturally unlike any box I’ve ever seen.

- Scott H

Great place and great community of people! Coach Ryan is amazing and he has really helped me achieve fitness goals I never thought were possible! I am so happy to be apart of this awesome Crossfit family!

- Anna K

My journey through CrossFit has been both physical and mental. It wasn’t until I learned to “connect the dots” that I truly developed as an athlete.

- Robert P

I was hooked by the relatively rapid measurable progress; after each workout, I tracked the weights I used for the lifts and would consistently see numbers increase. I found that quantifiable progress so empowering and encouraging!

- Molly M